FRP Door

FRP Door

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  • Excellent substitute for wooden & metal doors & frames.
  • These doors are manufactured with fire retardant properties.
  • These doors are self-pigmented and are available as per individual color choice.
  • These doors can be spray painted as per individuals color choice application.
  • These doors are totally unaffected by the external impacts of environment, different kinds of weather and climatic conditions.
  • These doors are fully resistant to water, insects of termites.
  • These doors are environment friendly, safe to use and durable.
  • These doors are light in weight.


  • These doors prove to be very comprehensive substitute for wood and different metals. It has a very long life span.
  • These doors can resist the fire up to certain extent.
  • These doors are totally free from swelling, splitting, has excellent impact resistance.
  • These doors retains its original shape, as it is not affected by weather or climatic conditions, self-protected from water and insects of termites justifies its application for the longer time duration.
  • These doors are strong, safe, sturdy and durable.


  • These doors are used in domestic requirement, also proves to be a cost effective factor in comparison to conventional doors. It has very useful application at the water-affected places like at Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet, Verandah, Balcony and terrace doors etc.
  • These doors can be used in various industries in place of wooden and metals doors as it has been proved as a genuine substitute.