FRP Manhole Cover

FRP Manhole Cover

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Product Description:

GRP manhole covers which are made from composite material such as glass fiber, resin, and quartz so on. GRP Manhole cover is lightweight and excellent protection against corrosion and the effects of chemicals because it is made from GRP (fiber reinforced plastic). It weighs only one seventh of the weight of an average cast iron cover. Because this cover is lightweight, it is easy to remove it during maintenance.

Products have the following special advantages:

  • Strictly manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2000 and EN124
  • High load capacity (Max. 40Ton)
  • Contain no metal, no scrap value
  • Long service life (Min. 30 years)
  • Well sealed no noise pollution or rebound
  • Good wear and corrosion resistance, never rust
  • Special Relief Sculpture on Surface with good decorative effect
  • Perfect design and rich colors individually against various needs and requirements.
  • No Resale Value
  • Lighter in Weight and Easy to Handle
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Available in Custom Sizes to suit all needs
  • Available in Load Capacities ranging from 5 Tons to 40 Tons

Types of manhole covers against its shape:

  • Circular Cover
  • Square Cover
  • Circular cover with Square outside

Grades of load capacity:

  • 10 tons
  • 20 tons
  • 40 tons